Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wow, it's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. OK, maybe a couple of days but a couple of days without Internet access is a really long time. I wonder how i survived. Well, i did and that's what matters. I mean, i am here now aren't i? :) So, i just finished dancing with my 'home stay' mom. It was so hilarious. Anyone ever seen that lagbaja video where one white guy is trying to dance. I think the song was 'konkobilo' or something. Anyways, so that's what she reminded me of. In her defense, she was drunk, so blame it on the

Anyways, to the main point of my blog, i was thinking about my old friends and how much i miss having them in my life. I used to feel so loved. It was like i had this assurance that no matter what happened, they would always be there for me. Ever thought you and someone would be friends forever or for a long time? Yeah, that's how i felt too but now the only way they are my friends is on my facebook profile :( It's so sad that we can't even hold a conversation for more than 10 minutes. Most times, the convo is something like this :

Me- hey
Stranger- hey.. how are you doing?
Me- been good.. you?
Stranger - same
Me - so, its been a while, what have you been doing?
Stranger- chilling.. you?
Me- pretty much the same but I've been doing school basically. It isn't much fun down here. you know?
Stranger- nice
Me- (after a couple of minutes) so i just thought to check on you :)
Stranger - nice
Me- ttyl then, goodnight
Stranger - goodnight

What is that? They have turned into strangers and it hurts really bad. It's not that i don't appreciate the few friends i have now, i REALLY do. It's just that i wish i could turn back the hands of time. Looking back, i realize I was much happier.



  1. aawwww duchess...
    i swear, i know what u mean...
    its like time seems to have separated u nd ur friends...
    i dnt knw how its gonna end buh i do knw dat theres one friend dats always there....and u knw Him too...xx

  2. Aww I totally know what you mean, but I guess we just have to move on and make new friends because everyone is so far away now.

  3. Friends come and go, I hope you make good ones.

  4. think my first time here,just stopping by,cheers

  5. @ Tay-mee - yh, I have moved on though. Thank you :)
    Myne Whitman - Thank you. I hope i do too :D
    Muyiwa - Thanks for stopping by .. cheers

  6. Honey91 - thanks darl.. love you..xXx