Monday, October 26, 2009

His Love endures forever!!

22-23rd October 2009 is a date i'll never forget. I went for this event called Acquire the Fire. It was the most amazing weekend in my life. Over 17 hours of worshipping God. along with over 4000 young people. It was an awesome experience. I could feel God's presence and His love surrounding me. God's love is SUPREME! He loves us despite our wrong doings and desires a close relationship with us. If only you take a moment to listen, you'll hear Jesus knocking on the door of your heart, willing that you open up to Him and let Him in. What you have done in the past doesn't matter, you can start all over. He wants to be your friend. Will you let Him?
P.S You should check out these bands 'Unhindered', 'Thousand Foot Krutch'. 'Everyday Sunday' and this dude, Manafest. They were at the event and trust me, they are AWESOME!!!!